Dear Squinky

You sent me a picture today! I LOVED it!!!!

I hope you know how much hearing from you makes my day seem wonderful!

I miss you though, I miss you very much! I try not to go into your room. Though I really want to. I finally washed all the dirty clothes you left and  can you believe that I almost cried when I smelled your stinky socks? I did!!!

Dad and I are happy, though we talk about you every night. We wonder how much taller you are now? We wonder what your favorite thing that happened that day was? How you are getting along with the other kids. We really do talk about you. every day. more than once.

Dad has been riding his motorcycle a lot and he worked REALLY hard to get the outside of the house fixed a little bit. It looks really nice. Now, if I could only get his to put his dirty coffee cups in the sink and rinse them out!

I am busy with work, and I have only accidentally made the turn to take you to school once since you left. Our regular treat stops have not enticed me… Bosa Donuts misses you!

I want  you to know that I love it when you send me notes and videos. They are wonderful and I read them all the time, over and over again!

What do you want me to send you?

Do you want me to mail you anything?

What have you thought about the blog posts that you have read? Did you think they were funny?

I miss you!

I love you!



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