People in glass pyramids – 31/40

When I was growing up my mother had a most marvelous collection of people come through our house. One visit included a devout believer of pyramid power, though I don’t think that is how he came to stay with us. What I do recall is that our pet goldfish died and this jolly gentleman explained to us at breakfast that he would build us a pyramid and that it would mummify our goldfish and that we would have a beautifully preserved fish for all. Over the course of the rest of the day I sat in the back yard watching him carefully measure and remeasure the pieces of cardboard that he was using to build this pyramid. He regaled me with tales about how it was the pyramids that helped preserve the famous mummies in Egypt (and not their embalming process I would now assume) and finally he finished this process and we all gathered outside where we had a ceremony of sorts where we placed the fish directly underneath the pyramid.  He told us that it would have to be under the pyramid for at least two weeks to reach its optimal mummified state.

Two weeks later, we checked and I can tell you all that it was not an effective pyramid… which has me deeply concerned for Dodi Fayed’s dad intent on burying himself in a glass pyramid… but it would be very interesting to see what happens.

“I’m building a glass pyramid over the Egyptian escalator where my body will be mummified, so my customers can come and see me forever.”
~ Mohamed Al-Fayed

More information on the ideas behind pyramid power

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