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Embracing my natural awkwardness – 29/30

Recently I proclaimed my introversion to someone (Subject A) who promptly informed me that was a seriously erroneous self assessment. Actually they said “I don’t think so“.

I was really taken back by someone who has never lived in my skin feeling like they could make such an pronouncement. Whatever, it was a stupid thing to tell me in such a thoughtless manner.

The thing is, that on several occasions I have mentioned that I am shy and the people around me that have heard me utter these words told me that they would never consider me to by that way (notice that they just told me the same thing as “Subject A”, but in a nicer and more genteel way?).

The things is, I am most probably both.

I had the genius revelation while at a Costco the other day. Actually I had this revelation after I caught myself talking to a stranger. I call this stranger Costco-Man (Subject B*).

Costco-Man looked a little like this

It is not everyday that one will see a handsome man wearing a suit and a fedora. I was so taken by how lovely it was to see someone make the effort that when I happened to walk by him I said;

“Sir, you look very handsome and it is so lovely to see someone as fabulously dapper as you”.

I was on the phone talking to my mother at the time, how rude of me. But, thank you Costco-Man!

Anyway, the next day I realized that I had spoken to a complete strange which is not something I think a shy/introvert would do. So, I thought about those supremely definitive personality assessments that some people follow as if they were an astrological forecast and took at a peek at them and “sho’nuff” I scored a 50% on those things that measure introvert/extrovert (defaulted to extrovert, as an interesting aside).

So, I went to the google-sphinx and asked for the meaning of life. It was not 42, but that was not my question… “who can be an introvert and an extrovert?

Apparently there is something that they are starting to call an ambivert.

Which appeals to me because I am ambidextrous, and navigating the middle of any spectrum appeals to me ever so much.

“I never wish to offend, but I am so foolishly shy, that I often seem negligent, when I am only kept back by my natural awkwardness.”
~ Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility

Andie was awkward and it is only in my dotage that I realize what a poor choice Duckie would have been, but then so was Blane, aka a major appliance. Yes, I realize this photo has NOTHING to do with this post… I am merely giving in to my natural awkwardness.Also, note that there are no Y’s in the nicknames.

 * only because I was once told that if you have a first of something like this you need to have a second.