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Fundamentals of Magic Realism – 3/40

Growing up in the Andes you tend to develop a sense of magic about the world, if you have lived in Latin America you grasp this pretty fully. There is a magic that permeates the land, something that allows for unicorns, sea foam and mermaids and miraculously blue bugs

Los ecuatorianos son seres raros y únicos: duermen tranquilos en medio de crujientes volcanes, viven pobres en medio de incomparables riquezas y se alegran con música triste.
Ecuadorians are strange and unique beings: they sleep peacefully amidst the creaking volcanoes, they live poor among incomparable riches and they become happy listening to sad music.”

~ Alexander von Humboldt

  I am not sure when we found this specimen. I recall that my sister and I were exploring the dark forests of CafeWasi. It spoke to us and asked us to mount its lovely head. once we did, it proceeded to stick its tongue out at us…

 I was driving with my son when we suddenly found ourselves beneath the waves that we miles from our home. There is something about sea foam that is so incredibly beautiful and makes the visible world become imbued with hues of blues and pinks and greens that cast a delicate and magical glow on to our surroundings.

Like this creature that graced our home, a blue lady bug of sorts, watching our moves around the house.

Somehow, the mountains that I grew up on, allow me to see a magical world… no matter where I am, who I am with, or what I am doing.

They might be rose colored glasses, but they are a gift from pachamama.