Daily Archives: Sunday, March 2, 2014

Public indecency at the PTO – 2/40

When one sets upon a road of public self discovery they can be forced to the point of such intense personal inquiry that the vulnerability can be painful.

Most bloggers ride lazily and slowly around the circumference of such a truthful self-examination. A few of those who do rise to the challenge face the best parts, and a smaller portion of those will lovingly wrap the worst in to gentle little packages to make dealing with them easier and bring them out slowly and carefully into our cruel world.

My life was changed because of a PTO. This same PTO changed the lives of four of my friends and my brother as well, it changed the lives of all of our parents, and so many others. It involved a well loved, by some, principal who chose what I believe to be lust over the lives of some of his students and volunteers, and has come to include a series of relationships that I can never understand… and some that I will always treasure.

Three parents joined the PTO, they were supportive of the education that their children were receiving… little did they know how much it would change their lives, and the lives of the children they were trying to support.

While I can lament how much that all changed me and my friends, I think that I need, instead, is to be grateful that I came from that experience with a level of compassion that I would love to believe is much deeper and can be tied directly from the cumulative effects  of the choices the adults made in that group.

Two women and one man, their lives and the lives of their kids, burdened and yet enriched by the painful choices of those they loved.

“Writing is a socially acceptable form of getting naked in public.” 
~ Paulo Coelho