Daily Archives: Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Squink – day 12

My dear Squink,

It is such a joy to get to chat with you a bit over FaceTime (or if the weather is not good and the connection is poor over Skype or something).

I am so delighted that you are having such a great time there, it is really very exciting for a mom to see her child so delighted with their experiences.

When we FaceTime, I will occasionally take screen shots so I can remember how delighted I am by you. It also helps that I get to see your dad’s face too. I miss you both so very much!

I heard that tonight Opa made pizza for dinner tonight, I hope it was as yummy as it looked. He is such a good cook, how yummy for you!

I love hearing about your day, and am so glad you are making friends… and learning Croatian (in your math books)!

I look forward to our daily chats!