Daily Archives: Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Whereupon I became involved in an international wildlife trapping case

The other day my aunt posted this picture on her Facebook page:


The post elicited a variety of replies, from indignation that the animals were being trapped to concern over a dead link and what that meant about the alleged agency that had it out there.

One of our friends looked up the domain via WHOIS and shared the information that it was owned by Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre. A tweet or two went out and I sent an email. Within a few hours I had received communication from the Executive Director as well as Information Services Manager (cc’d with the HQ Director). They informed us that they were not doing any research in Arizona. Emails and photos were exchanged and they seemed very concerned that this was happening. They were put in touch with our local Game and Fish that were on the case due to the highly suspicion nature of this trap.

The trapping regulations would indicate that this trap was in violation. The required metal tag was not attached. What a cowardly, cowardly trapper. Putting up traps then trying to blame it on the Canadians…  I hope whomever it is, is seriously punished and prohibited from ever trapping again.