Daily Archives: Friday, November 8, 2013

I love watching Squink make sense of the world

Last night, I was snuggling with Squink at bedtime. We usually talk about things that are interesting to us and last night we had the following conversation:

Squink: Mom, do you know anything about acularness?

Me: What is acularness?

Squink: You know Acular, about the eyes?

Me: Oh, you mean ocular? and I don’t think Ocularness is a word, though it might need to be.

Squink: Well, do you know about that?

Me: I think I might now enough, do you have a question?

Squink: Well, you know how some people can’t see far, and some people can see close… so if people have both why doesn’t it fix each other so they see normal.

I explained that it doesn’t work that way, though it would be wonderful if it would.

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