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My thoughts on being unabashedly introverted following a brunch

Yes, introverted (link).

For some reason, when I decide to share this part of me with people, they are always surprised. That link above, probably explains why this might be so surprising… and describes the way I see myself pretty well…

But, that is not what this post is actually about.

Friends are an interesting aspect of life for me. I don’t mean to say that I don’t have them, don’t make them, or don’t want them.

I enjoy the cadre of folks that I think I can call my friends.

I am very comfortable with quiet. More comfortable than any of the people I know and care about. Most of the people I deeply value don’t like quiet. So, it is always interesting to me, to share space with people that value different a sound space.

So, today I had brunch with a young woman that I think very highly of and feel like I navigate a role as her mentor. When we sat down at the restaurant I noticed that there was an item on the menu that a mutual friend would want to know about. So, I asked if I could text her before I forgot. She said OK and I sent the text… a few texts later we were joined by our mutual friend and shared a lovely brunch.

These moments are so deeply wonderful to me, especially when I can share time with women who are as kind and generous. Most wonderful is that they seem to be able to deal with my quirks.

The young woman is amazingly beautiful. She has a grace and beauty that she is fully coming into, is both inside and outside and it is lovely to watch. I can tell that she loves shopping (something that if I don’t do with some caution can send me into a tailspin of social angst) and she is an impeccable dresser.

The friend that joined us is very similar, a devout shopper with a great talent for it. She has actually managed to go shopping with me and help me to survive its pressures.

So, I was at lunch and was sharing this time with these two women, both of whom I deeply respect and I thought to myself about how magical it was to have them in my life.

When I got home, I was reflecting on friendship and doing things with people and thought about how terrible I am at making and keeping the ties that bind with some folks and how the group of people that I can call my friends is a small yet mighty wonderful crowd and how wonderful it is that they all know me well enough to have a kids menu waiting for me when we meet for brunch and they arrive first.

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