Daily Archives: Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hula hoop champion of the world!!!!!

OK, of a third world country.  Same thing right?

When asked what about me might surprise people…

I answer with “I was an Ecuadorean Hula Hoop Champion”.

There was some contest at school and on a whim (or because hula hoops had become popular) I entered it. I was a lithe young girl and had some skill.

On the day of the contest I recall getting into a fight about my “invisible” twin sister with the person who would become my future step mother. I was seething. I was very angry when my turn to go out and hula hoop my heart out.

So, I went out… and hula hooped. I moved the hoop from my waist to my neck, to my leg, to my arm, and back again. I added hoops and though I don’t recall how many I was able to add, I do know that it was significant enough that I was awarded something. That something included the chance to show up on TV.

I recall my mom taking me down to the station, and standing with other fantastic and older hula hooping gods and feeling like I was on a Latin American version on a hula hoop American Bandstand.

And that I was to return to the TV station another day…. and that I never did. I, apparently, forfeited my hula hoop crown to some nameless person…

My memories are so fuzzy about this event now. So, I stick with my statement that I was an Ecuadorean hula hoop champ.

And I hula up to that!