And my favourite line is… (Stand forgiven)

Stand forgiven

Somber, as is this time, and I ponder tomorrow,
All as was given, and, in this beauty it is granted,
Life as we know it should be.
Of yesterday and those gone by,
For tomorrow, as it is, within question
And, existence in this mortal world
An answer awaits.
Upon this solemn ground I quake,
As though, I shiver in the nakedness of distrust!
Humble, and, I bow mine own head in prayer for thee.
A tear thus shed, in sorrow
Apathy for a time in turmoil, and, mine own disgust!
Truly as it were, a view of what should be
As we look to the morn’.
Alas, thine own view of reality
As to not tiptoe so quietly through the aftermath of yesterday’s
Diminished glory!
Standing proud, and, there is nothing of this to be shared
Thus, I listen, and I hear the voice within
Ashamed, for what has become of a notion that all was done
Within reason.

Michael Shawn Groseclose

Copyright 2011 At first sight. Michael Shawn Groseclose. All rights reserved.

Thank You Michael Groseclose for letting me share this.

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