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Sacred Text

I am fascinated with how humans relate to sacred text.

I love sacred text as I think they reveal a lot about the people who follow it. I call a wide variety of things sacred text… the definition would include the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, and things like the Principia Mathematica (to name but just a few).

I suppose this is a relatively new interest I have in some ways. I have tended to think of sacred writings as products of humans, inspired by something, though the extent of what that may be was not for me to know. But, that there was something vitally important in the words to the culture the text meant to serve.

I like thinking about the texts I am familiar with and digging in to the message the ancestors that wrote those words were trying to convey (remember, I do not presume to understand or know the divinity of the texts… just that I accept that there were humans that wrote AND interpreted them per their cultural norms).

So, I had never even considered the notion of forged text until read this article:

I am slightly in awe of this article. Perhaps, it is because of the implications of the “divinity” ascribed to the Bible by the common culture who follows it… and the arguments it must cause in the variations of interpretation of message.

I do not have the heart (or soul for that matter) to dig into the validity of the divinity of works, though in that very assumption of mine I know I am making some sweeping statements that may cause many of my friends (on both sides of the belief aisle) to cringe. I will proclaim that I am deeply intrigued by the humanity behind the works… and I am looking forward to how I perceive sacred texts with this new piece of information closer to the front of my mind.


Go read this!

As an Apple user I am very deeply touched by the company philosophy and how it worked out during that horrible Tsunami. I can’t help but think, however, that this was much more widespread and wasn’t just Apple.

Geez, reading that again I feel compelled to add that I don’t mean to diminish the story, I think it is very powerful and I was so glad to know that everyone bounded together and worked to help each other.

I am thinking, I suppose, on how humans can indeed put differences aside when this kind of devastation occurs.

Because of the Indian Ocean Tsunami, I feel like there is a birthright connection… for Squink and I.

Dear worlds copy editor,

Could you please fire the person that keeps replacing words like; “won the lottery”, “begun traveling around the world”, “found a Picasso in their attic” and “awoke to find they can play a new instrument by ear” with the word “cancer” or some derivative thereof.  It is just not cool.

I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter,