This year I promised Squink what he calls a real birthday party. In the past I had family and a friend or two of his over and we decorated gingerbread houses… I had fun, but making the houses for everyone was tough (Even if you don’t bake them, you still have to set them up so they will stay up under kids “gentle” decoration) and the parents always seemed to have some sort of dread in their eyes as yet something else got added to their list of things they should do at Christmas time. I also always asked for no presents because this is a tough time of year to add another expense and I really never liked to burden people when I want they to enjoy themselves.

This was probably a collective disservice to Squink and to the people I invited.

Anyway, this year I told Squink that we would have a birthday party during the week he was supposed to be born and that he got to choose where he wanted to have it; we are down to two locations and today he has to decide which and who we invite. His choices are Chuck E Cheese or Pump it Up (I fear Chuck E Cheese may be winning, real fear, real big fear).

However, he shows signs of being a more effective party planner than I am.

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