Daily Archives: Saturday, November 20, 2010

I won some free stuff and a review

So, I love those blogs where you comment and that is all you need to do to enter to win some prize or something.

I hate the ones where you have to twitter and facebook an entry, did that for a bit, but it better be pretty darn special for me to do again.

So, I found out I won here. Though I got an email and it took me forever to find out what site it was from!

Thing is, I am watching my calories pretty closely now and this kind of food stuff is not on my daily eating list, nor has it ever really been. Growing up in the land of potatoes makes one very finicky over what kind of potato food stuff they will ingest.

Squink loves them, mashed potatoes and when dinner tends to being lower in carbohydrates that he probably needs, this might be a good alternative to add for him. So I made the butter blend, and he loved it enough to ask me to pack the left over in his lunch. I say that is a pretty good review, if ever there was one. So, given the right set of circumstances, I am not adverse to trying them…

The bowl and spoon are awesome though, those are being used rather regularly and my favourite basic cookbook is a 1981 binder style Betty Crocker cookbook!