I think it may be entirely possible that these random bits of minutiae that I come across may end up all being science related.. but who knows.

I suppose, in the whole scheme of things they really can't be called minutiae as these things really are grander than the word minutiae seems to imply.

Today, it is a NASA picture of the day.. again.

This one struck me because it looked like an eye in a peephole, and not quite what they had called it “A Chameleon Sky”.. though, being NASA, I am sure that any religious reference to something like the Eye of God would be a cause for alarm from those who adhere to the teachings of Madalyn Murray O'Hair (the prophet to the pomo atheists is how I think of her) and advocate for no religious references in any government agency… I think I would advocate for a comprehensive mandate where everything has to have a reference to a religion, and follow a list much like the way hurricanes are named (but I like to provoke controversy that way). I love reading older books that have references to the Greek and Roman Goods and they mythology, to the teachings of the “ancient” philosophers, much like the way Umberto Eco or Mark Leyner write [and I am sorta horrified that I actually put those two in a class]).. and I have always lamented that there seemed to be this limit to “dead white guys” and not a more global reference, really.. some fascinating stuff comes out of all parts of the world and I think it should become a part of our universal vernacular.

But, I digress…

Here is the URL

And I have no problem, even as an agnostic thinking of this as a higher power peeking in on the universe we live in (granted, I am a theistic agnostic) because I love myths… and this image created a whole cosmology tale in my head.

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