Something to do this July

I think I would be to host a canning party… like this kind!

Anyone want to join in on the fun?

1 thought on “Something to do this July

  1. Oh, yes! My mother was a great one for canning. Our house was ALL about Ball jars. I remember her counting the “pops” of a good seal, all the way from the living room.

    And one time, a friend of hers was out of town. Her husband called Mother when the peaches got ripe, and she stayed on the phone with Emil from after dinner until very, very late. And he got those peaches put up properly.

    The only competitions my mother ever entered, AFAIK, were in canning at the county fair and then, because she was a champion, at the state fair. She did very, very well.

    Recently I came across an entry in the diary of my paternal grandmother, b. 1881. About 50 years ago she had spent the day canning with one of her daughters. In the evening she wrote that she hadn't canned “in a long time. It was fun.”

    That isn't exactly how I remember the over-heated days in my mother's kitchen, but I do feel a certain nostalgia.


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