Daily Archives: Thursday, May 6, 2010

Guinea pig interchange, or what are we having for dinner…

A Squinky conversation

The other day, as Squink and I are heading home he tells me

“Mom, I want a guinea pig”

so I answer

“Oh, yum! we eat those where I come from

and he says

“No mom, I don’t want one to eat”

so I ask,

“What do you do with them if you don’t eat them, they are so yummy to eat”

he says

“You take them home and put them in a cage”

so I ask,

“And then you eat them?”

“No”       he says,

“you take them out every once in a while and play with them”

so I ask again

“And then do you eat them?”

and he is started to get frustrated with my insisting on eating them

so he says

“NO MOM, you don’t eat them in my Arizona!”