Something I probably have no business writing about

That would be about the Sudan.

I have never been there, I am not that familiar with their cuisine, I know some of the basic customs, and I know a few of its former citizens and well… that is about it.

I became completely invested in its future.. at least as much as this Colombian-American girl living in the southwestern US can get when I met one person from there. He was a lost boy, you know one of those Lost Boys of Sudan. He has moved away, and I don’t get to see him as regularly as I did before… but he had a story that moves me to tears even when I think about it…

As he walked for months on end, alone, after having lost his family to the brutal massacres by the government troops… he said that he had been taught a song by some missionaries and would sing that song as he walked, and walked, and walked…. and walked…

and walked…

and walked,…

and walked…

and walked (OK, I know you get the picture). That song was Jesus loves me… and so he sang that song to himself, he said… to help him feel less lonely.

Now, I don’t presume that it is a great tale about the power of religion. I am a mere mortal and can only say that I am humbled by that story. It makes me ask myself what I would be doing if I were in that situation. If my family had been brutally murdered, if I had no destination to go to but knew I had to move least the same people that killed my family kill me… I think I too would sing a song about someone loving me, even if I had no concept of who that person was.

Click here to see some pictures of Sudan and about their first election and what prompted this post.

1 thought on “Something I probably have no business writing about

  1. Maybe, but I'm glad you did write about it. I think it shows that what often seems to be such a small thing can how impart great strength.

    It's a story that I find both inspiring and moving. And it reminds me that I think the US botched things badly there.


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