Monthly Archives: March 2010


Squink: Mama, can I help you get rocks out of your lard?

Me: Uhm, what?

Squink: Can I help you get rocks out of your lard?

Me: So, how do you do that?

Squink: You take rocks away from where plants grow so they grow better.

Me: Oh, you want to help get rocks out of our yard!

Squink: Yes, I want to help you get rocks out of your lard!


Squink: Mommy, I think you can make your birthday a different way.

Me: What kind of way should it be?

Squink: I say December 50.

Me: Well, December only has 31 days, so it can't be that way.

Squink: Yes it can, I'll make a machine and it's the law.

(engineer in the making?)


S: Mama, You need to be a teacher. I told all my friends about you.
Me: What did you tell them?
S: I tell them that sometimes you're mean, and sometimes you're good. And sometimes you are a little bit scared… of machines. And then I tell them that they can over to my home,