Food Chain for

Blake Killian of Blake Makes has had the most awesome idea of a food chain. I have been a follower since almost his very first post and have reviewed products for him… so, in the spirit of things, I signed up to help out with this project.

Last Monday, I was told my camera would be in the mail and to let him know when it arrived. By Friday I had yet to get it so I dropped him a note letting him know it had not arrived! Lo and behold, the minute I sent it my doorbell rang and there stood a delivery person with the sweet little box in hand! Isn’t that how so many things in life work?

I immediately emailed him and let him know it had arrived. It was just too funny, If I had nt been so worried that it had gotten lost and waited until the next day, I could have avoided worrying him about it! Sorry about that Blake!

One of our tasks is to post about getting the box so look at these pictures; it was so very exciting and so very intimidating since I had no idea what I was getting myself into…
I had to repeatedly tell my son he could not pop the bubble wrap…

I sure like handsome packaging…

O. M. G!!!!!!!!!! I got the black one!!! I am not sure why I was so excited about this, it is so pretty though!

And look at how pretty it is…

And the powers of USB never cease to amaze me.

And here is the back…. wow.

And here is my teaser… here is the iFlip in the field!

I can’t wait to show you what I did!

Blake was so on top of things that it was almost like he anticipated when I would have a question and he would show up in an email or in Google talk! I am so very impressed with this effort and I am thrilled I get to watch it all in leisure with my part behind me! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this! I can’t wait to see what other folks will do!

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