Yeah, my one and only guitar solo

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If you facebook you might know that I spent my Thanksgiving playing Rock Band.
I can’t tell you enough about how much fun this was. I think once we did the first song we played for hours. I started out by singing to the Go-Go’s (We got the beat). I also sang to Alice In Chains… I played the drums, the most fun of which was to Kids in America and then, at the end of the night I got on the guitar and played some Fleetwood Mac.
It is so much fun, it is worth every embarrassing photo that was taken!
Here, however, is a cute one of Squink:

2 thoughts on “Yeah, my one and only guitar solo

  1. You look like a pro! I too am in love with rock band. I sing so awful but if you put a mic in my hand, you better plug your ears because I don’t hold back. But isn’t that what family is for? Looking the other way when you embarrass yourself 🙂


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