Day 6/7 – Vienna (I finally love thee) part 2

So, after the incredible visit to the cathedral “TG-TE”, remembering my love for Mozart, took us down a side street to the Mozarthaus Vienna. Which means I walked where Mozart walked, and I am going to pretend that the cobble stones have not been changed… but he did in fact live in the building. Just a bit from the front door is this view of the sky as viewed from the side street alley way we were in. I have yet to get a firm grasp on what the architecture is like there, it is very different, and I am not sure yet what it is like… I did not get time to spend looking at the buildings… next time Vienna, I promise!


We did not go inside, we went on down the alley and Schatz got a picture of my talking to “TG_TE” in what you may notices becomes my ubiquitous pink raincoat (I love this rain coat!). I am probably asking some stupid touristy type question to which he probably has an answer too because he (aside from my mother and his girlfriend) is one of the smartest people I know.


This here is the courtyard where the picture was taken (I believe) as “TG-TE” and I head off to the next adventure in making me love Vienna (at this time, I was liking it a bit more, but still a bit meh.


This photo here is my shout out to Fake Sacajawea of the Evil League of Evil fame… This here is the view from the cafe in that movie Before Sunrise. So, this link will show you what the store front looks like. No, we did not sit and have a cup of coffee, it was not open yet… However, the view in the picture is of a monastery in what is known as Franziskanerplatz.


Oh, wait, back at the church… see this, it is a tourist attraction….


But be careful, I think this may just be the “thoroughbred of sin” himself on a madcap caper to rule Austria (no I did not see dead bowie anywhere nearby)… (and of course I had no idea of this until I got home and started making this post….


OK, so this morning I was talking about the differences between American and European women (generally speaking, of course) this somewhat falls in line with what my perceptions are… and please know that I do not think it is a bad thing (well, most of the time anyway)! Anyway, this is a barber on the left and a hairdresser on the right… with seperate entrances.


So we walked, and walked, and walked, and walked and my arches started falling because i am getting old and let’s face it… no one walks in Arizona. But hell if I was going to complain. I will do one more Vienna post with pictures of things we saw but of which we did not take pictures of…

OK, so at one point we went to the Belvedere, (not that Belvedere). See, there is my awesome pink raincoat again! We only walked the grounds of the place, but they were huge and they were being gussied up for some “football” thing that was going to happen in Vienna later in the year.


Did you notice those specks… yeah, those are what make Schatz so crabby he refused to take many pictures during this outing! This picture below, it is of only one side of the front lawn garden… that place was huge… and built in a manner that was “horse” friendly… meaning that on one end was the house, the other the stables… (what you see at the end of the garden in the photo below)… and the walkways were designed so that the horses could be brought back and forth.


To illustrate just how tired I was, I was somehow caught mid blink in this photo… no, they were not silicone! Look how embarrassed “TG-TE” is to be seen with me here!


And yes, I did end up loving Vienna enough to want to explore it more the next time I visit. And I promise to bring better shoes and a toothbrush.

Next update:
What we did not take pictures of… for better or for worse.

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