well, what does one say when they have so much to say and…

…yet nothing to say at the same time.

Here are some posts that have been mulling around in my mind (but not in blogger);

  • Virtual aunties.
  • Open letter to Ingrid Betancourt.
  • Chopin’s Nocturne in C sharp minor.
  • Day 6 – Vienna, I finally love thee.
  • Cartoon influences

But my Facebook obsession requirements have managed to put those off indefinitely. You see, every morning Squink and I tend to our (lil)Green Patch where we chase butterflies and give people flowers, we send out a twitter, we check on our (fluff)friends, send out some good karma, and poke some people and if we are lucky find some things for our scavenger hunt and smile at mafalda and wonder who we might know that knows about her (I would venture to say she is the Latin American version of TinTin and Asterix) so we can send her as a gift…

that and the fact that I am resigned to the idea that I am just not as good a writer in meat life as I am in my own world and want to spare folks the tediousness of what wanders around in my feeble brain.

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