Please go vote for the best nerd crushes.

And please forgive any weird symbols because my keyboard has set itself to a non’english qwerty layout and I can´t find a bunch of stuff like the colon, semicolon the greater than or less than. I tried to reset it but to no avail… it may require a restart… I miss my mac, which has been commandeered by the schatz. (to be fair is has not been the macbook, but that screen is just too small for blog posting).

My mom posted about the rule of 10,000 years. She wrote 10,000,000 but the idea still works…

So, The nerd crush post was to enter a contest, for chocolate. At least I think it was for chocolate, because I don´t usually enter blog contests.. except for the Wii one at Dooce, or the ones at Blake Makes, or the ones Ree has over at PW… oh, OK shush now, I am a contest whore lover.

So, a facebooked friend from HS joined this group and the title intrigued me… Slackmistress. If you were a alternateen in the 80´s (or even a wanna be alternateen) or like me and just went to the beat of your drummer… you hear the word slack and you think ¨I can totally get that¨.

So, I ventured over to one of the gazillion related websites and was hooked, and lo and behold there was a contest, and it was good. But I did not do anything yet, though I did add the slack mistress to my twitter friends. And since I saw she has like these video things and as a mom who doesn´t go out that often (gladly might I add) unless the Squink is welcome… well, I was around so I joined in and wore a bee hat… and it was good. So, I entered the contest.

So, since there were a lot of nerd crushes the Slackmistress has decided to do two rounds and have folks vote.

So, go vote!

And it is some tough voting too-

I too love Yvonne Craig, she was a part of the foundation upon which I rest my adoration for Modesty Blaise

Isis, I remember that show, it was nice to be reminded about it too. It was awesome and I loved Isis, and yet, another foundation piece for that which would be come my innocent obsession with Modesty Blaise.

Buzz Aldrin – Who doesn´t love astronauts, and especially those named Buzz.

Parker Stevenson as Frank Hardy, John Schneider as Bo Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian, Richard Hatch as Apollo on the original Battlestar Galactica, Dirk Benedict as Templeten “Faceman” Peck from The A-Team. All teen girl dream crushes, and nerdy to boot!

Urkle – I loved his love of color, he was the best dressed nerd ever!

And Christopher Walken came late to my life, and while I did fall in love with his watch monologue from a certain movie, I did not include him because well, I don´t think he is a nerdy crush to me though I fully allow him to be a nerdy crush to anyone who ¨discovered¨ him while their friends were in the throws of a Kirk Cameron lust fest… cause that would be nerdy awesomeness.

Betty and Veronica, the two women who were what America was all about.

So my nerd crushes are posted here. But the Slackmistress failed to mention that I also loved Chaka, from another comment I left on the original nerd crush request post. Chaka, from Land of the Lost, yeah… I think that show and that character specifically helped form my love for anthropology… I wanted a Chaka for my very own and he-she-it will not be left of my list!

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