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Day 5 – the day trip to Schlaining

We did not get to bed at a decent hour since we returned to the village after the festivities and then managed to sleep late enough that we missed saying our good-byes to Schatz’s brother, fiance and nephew. Perhaps, this was the closest I came to getting a good nights sleep.

Oma and Opa suggested, in the late morning once we were up, that we go on a day-trip to the nearby Schlaining castle… hungry for some “sight seeing” we readily agreed, packed up the Rover and headed off. Of course, nothing we had looked at indicated that the castle would be closed… which it was. Thankfully, castles are often equally as interesting on their outsides. Though there is a peace museum inside, so maybe a visit there next trip is called for.

I have to say that where I live is based on the Roman street system, that is, we are on a grid, and you can usually get some idea about where you are going, or coming from. Not the case where we were, though we managed to only get a little turned around.

Anyway, the three of us headed out and managed to actually find the castle without a problem: we parked and looked down into the moat (with a sad lack of dandelions).

castle moat

Here is the bridge over the moat into the castle.


One thing I noticed is that the castle had two “guardians”, much like the church where Squink was baptized.

100_1539 100_1540.

By this time Schatz was taking pictures of the castle and I was looking for a way to explore with the Squink. Squink and I found a trail and I was on the hunt to find a picture that resembled the pictures of me as a little girl in the castles in Spain. The trail was a fairly easy switchback down into the moat. The whole thing looked like it had some purpose, though I have no idea what that may have been.

Here are Squink and I on the trail…


Here is Squink showing his tendency towards adventure, those steps were lousy… they scared me (as those things would scare a mom).


At the bottom were these series of “bridges” that Squink insisted on crossing, repeatedly.


Here I am explaining pond life to Squink.


Here is a shot of the castle that Schatz took, I like it because it has an odd perspective and looks like it could be a mini castle growiing among some weeds.


Here is a picture like the ones I have of me when I was younger, framed by a doorway or window… sadly I could not get him to look at me for anything.. but I like the picture anyway.


On our way home we stopped at a McDonald because Squink had seen the playground and kept asking to go to see it. Inside we found that Austrians are so serious about their coffee that they have a McCafe inside. It offers up a nice selection of pastries and freshly made coffee (as in to order)… and which are served on real plates, with real flatware… while the McDonalds does it the usual way. I should add that I had the royal (which was a choice I sadly made which was influenced by Pulp Fiction and Schatz had a shrimp burger (which a nephew later told us was heavily laced with antibiotics).


another book review

A Voice for the Dead: A Forensic Investigator's Pursuit of the Truth in the Grave A Voice for the Dead: A Forensic Investigator’s Pursuit of the Truth in the Grave by James Starrs

My review

rating: 3 of 5 stars
I am quite sure that should I ever have the chance to hear the author speak that one of the following would occur;

1) He would be as long winded as his writing style, or

2) He might prove to be more interesting that he comes across in his writings.

The stories were fascinating, but a bit long winded in parts… often clothed in what I perceived to be some sort of self aggrandizement. I kept being reminded of the Hemingway followers who go to the running of the bulls, grow a beard and end up trying to look like Ol’ Papa H himself.

I think the best thing I can say is that I did not hate the book… for a topic I find fascinating… I only liked it enough.

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