Daily Archives: Friday, June 20, 2008

My nerd crushes

The slackmistress has started a meme of sorts… on the very topic of nerd crushes!

I went through the list of “characters” I have had crushes on in my life… most, I think, are pretty par for the course. For example; Julia’s list is a lot like mine though I would have to add Boba Fett and Indiana Jones to the mix.

And, for the record, I don’t think Frank was the less liked Hardy Boy… he just appealed to the more intellectual young woman.

As I thought about this I realized there were a couple of girl crushes I had who deserved mentions:

My first crush was on Maya from Space:1999. I still want to be her, I think I first saw a dubbed into Spanish show when I was about 6 or so… maybe only a few other episodes.. but she has haunted me. I even have an address for Catherine Schell, though I have been too intimidated to actually ever write her and tell her how that character she played influenced my life.
As far as girl crushes go I would have to add Modesty Blaise to the bunch. My dream is to have a Modesty Blaise doll.

So, here are the boy crushes that are in addition to the ones mentioned or alluded to above:

I found Quico very beguiling, not sure why though. Here is another link to the show. And here is an article in English about the show.

I love Bowser from Sha-na-na, even went to see them live, when I was in High School!

Oh, and Peter Lorre (because I am a Hungarianophile and love the name László) is pretty up there on my list too!

Well, I think I may have bored you all with my nerd crushes. Who are yours?