Daily Archives: Thursday, June 19, 2008

FFOF #34

1. What is one food that is grown, produced or made near where you live.

Tomatoes – from my garden
Otherwise, we have a heck of a lot of cattle in this state; it being the west and all… so that means dairy and meat!

2. What is one food from another location that you haven’t had anything like anywhere else.

These dumplings my father in law made. They are filled with a plum paste and have poppy seeds sprinkled on them, they are a sweet dougn and (obviously) boiled. Apparently the dish was often made during the war when there was not a lot of foods available. It is not a dessert, it is a main dish. I have never had anything like it, ever.

3. What is your favorite food from somewhere else?

I miss so many foods from other places I have lived. Here are the ones that come to mind right now;
Gazpacho made with bread and not chuncky
Tortilla de patata
queso criollo with aji and chochos
manichos (a chocolate bar, no longer being made under that name)
croissants (European ones)
OK, this is making me hungry… and worst of all for foods that are not all that easy to get here!

4. Share a family, ethnic or international recipe.

Beef coe-ganof – my grandmother Zun’s recipe.

This is how she told me how she made it, almost verbatim.
Put a bunch or noodles or rice to cookin’ while you get the coe-ganoff ready.
Brown a package of ground beef. Drain and set aside, but save the grease. Use some of that grease to saute some mushrooms. When they are the texture you like, add the beef to the mushrooms. Saute together, add cream, milk or half and half to taste.
serve over rice or you can even add the noodles right into the pan and saute all that together. This is the only recipe I did not get her to write down, but I remember when she told me like it was yesterday.
She also spoke her ketchup taco recipe, but I will spare you all that one (even though they are awesome!)!