I hope I make it in again in time…. nah, late!

#1. What snacks do you eat at the movies? Do you buy them there or bring your own?
I don't have a staple anymore as far as movie food goes, it has become way too expensive to eat at one… not that I think it was ever cheap. However, in HS I used to always get a soda and the roll of SweetTarts (it was the cheapest candy) and then perhaps split for a package of red vines which I would then use as a straw for my soda…

#2. What's your favorite food movie, or movie that shows a lot of food?
I like the way they portray food in Como Agua Para Chocolate (AKA Like Water For Chocolate). I thin kit captures how a home made meal that is made with strong emotions carries over into the people that partake of the food. That scene with the rose petals… lovely!!!!

#3. What food or meal do you wish was available at the movies and why?
Good pizza… though a new movie theater opened up locally where you can have a real meal and watch the movie… I want to check that out!

#4. What's your most favorite way to make popcorn? Hot, cold, buttered, air, microwave, chocolate, caramel, you get it.
I like popcorn. I suppose my favorite way is to eat it in a bowl of milk when it has sat around for a day or so. I learned this from my grandmother and while it isn't my most favorite meal, I do get a sense of pleasure when I do eat it this way as it reminds me of her. Aside from that I love hot buttered air popped popcorn!

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