Daily Archives: Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I may still <3 Eurotrash. 2008.

And now the second Eurovison semi finals. 2008. are a week away. And because it is my job as the lone fan of Eurovision. 2008. in this realm… I am presenting my highlights of the second group. 2008.:

Finnish Numa Numa guy. 2008.:
This Is My Life by Euroband from Finland

Not. ABBA. 2008.:
Hero by Charlotte Perrelli from Sweden

Well, it may be my fave. 2008.:
Deli by Mor ve Ă–tesi from Turkey

Sweeny Todd or Meatloaf. 2008.:
Nomads In The Night by Jeronimas Milius from Lithuania

Carlos Ponce meets Ricardo Arjona. in Switzerland. 2008.:
Era Stupendo by Paolo Meneguzzi from Switzerland

Pirates. Drinking song. 2008.:
Wolves Of The Sea by Pirates Of The Sea From Latvia

I do like this. 2008.:
Romanca by Kraljevi Ulice & 75 Cents from Croatia
(Enough to not amke a joke on that 75 cents)

May make you want to yell Opa. And throw plates. 2008.:
Femme Fatale by Evdokia Kadi from Cyprus