Daily Archives: Monday, May 12, 2008

I <3 Eurotrash

Yes, we are one week away from the start of Eurovision. 2008.

Still not all that much of a fan of this years entries, but then… it IS the Eurovision Song Contest. 2008. For your Euro”vision pleasure”… my high**cough**lights from th first semi-final!

Song I tolerate. 2008.:
Complice by Miodio from San Marino.

Oddly catchy. 2008.:
O Julissi by Ishtar from Belguim

O. M. G.(not in a good way). 2008.:
Day After Day by Elnur & Samir from Azerbaijan

Turkey techno?. 2008.:
Irelande Douze Pointe by Dustin the Turkey from Ireland

Because I like trying to make up the English words based on the sounds of lyrics like”Pokušaću da te probudim a ti se pravi budna ” oh yeah. . 2008.:
Pokušaj by Laka from Bosnia & Herzegovina

Because its Death Metal. Like. 2008.:
Missä Miehet Ratsastaa by Teräsbetoni From Finland

A Greek Shakira? wait. for. it. . 2008.:
Secret Combination by Kalomira from Greece

All the above, and more, will be judged (again) next Tuesday in the First semi-final for Eurovision. 2008!

But, for your general annoyance, I present my fave from last year (much to the horror of my nephew’s French girlfriend I think):