Daily Archives: Saturday, May 10, 2008

Austria – Day 2 (meeting the family and preparing for a visit with the Mayor)

Aloisa, a small town bakery that has a national reputation. It was lovely. The treats were lovely, the cafe they had was lovely, the little town was lovely and little. The kind of European town where the streets are so narrow it can only fit one car. Of course, we were exhausted and did not even think of taking a picture of the lovely treats.

A deer stand; they were everywhere in the area where the in-laws live. I promise that next time I go, I am going to climb up one and have myself a little pic-nic. I will probaly forget to tell you this by the time I get to that day; so I might as well go ahead and tell you now. When we returned from Hungary oma und opa picked us up in a border town inside Hungary… of course it has only been about 17 years or so since they departed from teh communist block and unsurprisingly there are still remnants around, mostly architectural. One of those in the area where they picked us up was the border stations, or better said guard towers. In some ways they looked a lot like these deer stands. Anyway, when we drove past one Opa pointed at it and said “checkpoint charlie” so, for the rest of the trip Squink called them “che-point chahlees”.

When we returned from the trip, I put Squink to nap and shortly there after I put myself down for a nap. Time differences suck!

While we were sleeping, Chris took his telephoto lens and took pictures of the town church which is slightly visible with the naked eye. It is across a valley, if that gives you any indication on what the telephoto can do.
When we woke up, there were some new faces to meet, but there was also a fabulous rainbow.
Squink is still a bit obsessed with the whole concept… and sadly, as much as I would like to indulge him… there is not much rain in this part of town where we live… the whole state actually.
It was a fabulous rainbow. And don’t you love my socks!
And this is my nephew Max, he came with his dad (Manfred) and his dad’s fiance (Agnes). Sadly, we were too out of it to take pictures of them this day.