FFOF #23

#1. American cheese. Sliced fresh or prepackaged processed cheese product?

None. But, when I was growing up in South America there was a restaurant that opened up… it was a burger joint styled after Wendy’s I think. They offered “real American cheese” on their hamburgers; which to me meant “real cheese” from “America”. I can’t begin to explain my unbelievable disappointment when I was given a slice of “real American cheese” for being so excited about them serving it, only to discover this weird plastic thingy in my hand. I did not know why my dad laughed so hard until I moved to the USA.

#2. What is your favorite cracker?

I like the Carr’s Rosemary crackers, but the real truth is that I have not met a cracker I did not like (even Wasa).

#3. What hot breakfast cereal do you like? Think oatmeal, farina, grits, etc.

I love homemade steel cut oats made the way only my grandmother could. I don’t have a preference though. However, in general, I am not a fan of breakfast unless you count my cuppa joe.

#4. Share a recipe that uses corn.
I love hominy, that is corn! I loved this dish when I was growing up. Aren’t her pictures fabulous! I found her site a few weeks ago and it makes me so homesick.

Val, May I please be added to your links? I apologize if my request was too flip last time, no offense was intended.

4 thoughts on “FFOF #23

  1. As for crackers, Sweden, where I now reside, seems to be the only place in the world that doesn’t have Saltines. My own personal Swede said, c’mon, put knakebrod (Wasa) in your chili. I’m sure it’s just the same..


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