Daily Archives: Thursday, April 3, 2008

FFOF #23

#1. American cheese. Sliced fresh or prepackaged processed cheese product?

None. But, when I was growing up in South America there was a restaurant that opened up… it was a burger joint styled after Wendy’s I think. They offered “real American cheese” on their hamburgers; which to me meant “real cheese” from “America”. I can’t begin to explain my unbelievable disappointment when I was given a slice of “real American cheese” for being so excited about them serving it, only to discover this weird plastic thingy in my hand. I did not know why my dad laughed so hard until I moved to the USA.

#2. What is your favorite cracker?

I like the Carr’s Rosemary crackers, but the real truth is that I have not met a cracker I did not like (even Wasa).

#3. What hot breakfast cereal do you like? Think oatmeal, farina, grits, etc.

I love homemade steel cut oats made the way only my grandmother could. I don’t have a preference though. However, in general, I am not a fan of breakfast unless you count my cuppa joe.

#4. Share a recipe that uses corn.
I love hominy, that is corn! I loved this dish when I was growing up. Aren’t her pictures fabulous! I found her site a few weeks ago and it makes me so homesick.

Val, May I please be added to your links? I apologize if my request was too flip last time, no offense was intended.