Daily Archives: Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another reason why I <3 the internets

People like Laylita have a blog!

One thing that being able to say from an Anthropological perspective is that when one moves to a different country and has to acculturate that the hardest change is the food. The new country often doesn’t have the same fruits or vegetables, the cheeses are different… and you miss those tastes from another place, a place where one was comfortable… well, they linger in the mind, thankfully giving plenty of happy memories. Needless to say, growing up in Ecuador and going to University there provided me with a well rounded appreciation for Ecuadorian food!

I am so in love with her blog, it features tastes and colors and I think it may be the presentation of the plates she photographs so beautifully… but I am thrilled that I have access to both the English and Spanish version (as at my first glance noticed they are slightly different).

Thank you Laylita, it is a treasure to see recipes to some things I never prepared, variations on things I did (but in a different way) and the knowledge that I can get naranjilla somewhere, if I look hard enough (I miss juice made from that and tomate de arbol).