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I find it interesting that 1) I manage to know enough to not sound stupid, 2) I am curious enough to know what to do and 3) smart enough to know that sometimes it has multiple applications.

Regarding xkcd

oh yeah, and I forgot to add, 4) (not so) humble enough to know I am probably missing almost all of it.

a strange fascination with my nose

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yes, I have always been partial to it.

My life in six words

I have been enjoying this blog for quite some time, even before I realized that she had written a book and it was being published and such…
I got hooked; she is so much I am not not (she adores fashion) and some of what I am (a foodie of sorts) and then there are those moments when you read the words someone else wrote and you totally get “it” whatever it may be…
Anyway, she is in this new book called “Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure” edited by SMITH Mag’s Larry Smith and Rachel Fershleiser.

Her six word memoir is: weird quiet girl fading from view…

Mine: Well traveled girl, looking for home.

What is yours?