Daily Archives: Sunday, October 21, 2007

little sad boy

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little sad boy, originally uploaded by Blair Necessities.

Last night, he had a tough time getting to (and staying a-) sleep.

One of those dreaded “did not get a nap and ended up at a birthday party” kind of days… where they get so spun up they just can’t relax enough to fall asleep.

Finally, I brought him into bed with me… he proceeded to fall out and skin his lip (about 12:30 am)… which I am willing to bet dollars to doughnuts is more painful than a skinned knee.

He refused Tylenol and once I got the bleeding stopped, I just put him to bed and let him cry himself to sleep… which happened much faster than I anticipated.

He slept until 8:30 the next morning.

He woke up in a surprisingly good mood in spite of my following him around with a camera (since he would not let me look at his lip very closely so I thought I would take a high res picture and look at it that way).

He ended the morning giving me this look… which is equally precious!