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We are family…

I heart facebook, I really do… even if it is a trendy thing for young folks these days… but the key to why I love it is the reason why!
When I was in medical school I was lucky to live with a fabulous family in Ecuador, and by fabulous I mean fabulous! After all, this family took me in though they had not seen me in over 20 years, had two children of their own and they gave me room and board and while I can’t speak for them, I had a new “extra” family. When I left the parents told me that I was like a brother and sister to their children and that they would always be grateful for that… I guess that went both ways… I have brothers and a sister, but with this family it was different, they took me in lock, stock and barrel. I think that they are an extension of my very own personal family…
so the facebook connection?
I found the two kids, one in college and the other about to graduate high school. I have that feeling of general contentment, happiness that is rather rare. I was able to get their phone number and called tonight and spoke to the mom, what a joy to hear her voice. I am so lucky I had a chance at being a part of their lives, for their caring for me when I was in a really interesting place in my life; which was not being a med student but returning to my childhood home. I feel satisfied with the reconnect, and am grateful for facebook for allowing it to happen!

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