I wish I loved doing them as much…

…as the Squink does… though to me they are a matter of routine and offer me no excitement.

He loves to;

1) bathe
This evening I heard the bath water running and when I went to investigate I found the boy in the bathtub… he undressed all by himself, he put the stopper in the drain all by himself, he turned the water on all by himself and he got in all by himself.
Do you find this as scary as I do?

2) brush his teeth
If allowed, the Squink would stay in the bathtub forever, it is almost near impossible to get him out… except for one thing… if I ask if he is ready to brush his teeth, he jumps out of the tub and runs to the sink yelling “teeth, teeth, teeth”. While I still have to brush for him at the end, he would keep that brush in his mouth moving it around for a good twenty minutes or more, though I have never let it go on and see how long he would really do it.


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