Daily Archives: Friday, May 11, 2007

Eurovision 2007

My votes for Eurovision 2007 go to any of the following:

LES FATALS PICARDSL’amour À La Française
They are just goofy and I love it, the absolute fave in my brain… who can go wrong with a vespa (wait, was it a vespa? I was laughing too hard)

D’NASH – I Love You Mi Vida
They make American Boy Bands look like a bunch of thugs

TODOMONDO – Liubi, Liubi, I Love You
Uhm, it just cracks me up – singing “I love you” in a gazillion euro-ways with floating planets, or is it humans floating among planets?

Elitsa TODOROVA & Stoyan YANKOULOV – Water
I am just intrigued, not sure what else to say it is tribal and dark.

Hayko – Anytime You Need
lip-sinking anyone? and ONLY for that reason… I kept trying to figure out what they were saying in the non-English version that was in the video… it made me want to make up things that they were “really saying”.

Natalia BARBU – Fight
A pretty girl, a violin and a wanna-be 80’s hair metal feel (must be the upcoming reunion that influenced this)

and after looking through the Semi-Finalists I think this group should have not been cut…
ANONYMOUS – Salvem El Món
because they did a pretty good job of looking like an American Red Dead Day Surfers (yeah, that is a bunch of words from some of the American Bands that I think influenced them).

UPDATE: The winner is –
Marija ŠERIFOVIĆ – Molitva
It was a nice song, but had the feel of “just another dramatic ballad” so I did not even listen to the whole thing until the winner was announced… I still think it is just another dramatic ballad and further proof how how Europe has eclectic music taste very unlike ours here in America… only there could I hear a zippy Tom Jones-esque song right after the Ramones, and just before something like Perry Como… which I did. once. unforgettable