Eowyn of Rohan

One of the heroines of The Lord of the Rings, Eowyn feels trapped tending to her aged uncle, Theodon. Then her life is completely upturned by the arrival of a handsome stranger from the north. He, however, is in love with another, and Eowyn rides away to the Battle of Pelenor fields where she ultimately finds glory, reknown, AND true love.

Which Classic Heroine are You?
Via Jordana

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  1. [b]Wendy Darling[/b]Wendy loves to tell her brothers stories about Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up, and magical neverland. One night, Peter Pan comes and the three children fly away with him to adventures of indians, pirates and fairies. But Wendy knows that she cannot stay in Neverland forever, and eventually she must leave Peter and grow up.[URL=http://www.thequizzery.com/quiz.php?id=3147]Which Classic Heroine are You?[/URL]


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