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Cue in mission impossible theme song…

well, really it was a dare and since I try never to not do something which sorta scares me… Via rootietoot.
(gotta love that double negative don’t we, it did not come out right without it though, I blame the native Spanish speaker in me).

Your mission: list at least five things you love about your body and yourself. Five is the floor; you can always do more. And no self-deprecation! No offsetting a compliment with a dig. Seriously, we all spend way too much time being self-deprecating because [sic]god forbid we appear (gasp!) “selfish.”

1. I have a fabulous stomach, even after having a baby.
2. I love doing things for people.
3. I am very good at doing things that the thought of doing often make people uncomfortable but they wish they could do easily (does that make sense?).
4. I am a very good driver.
5. I am a very good thinker, when it comes to theorizing on more academic topics (academic skepticism).
6. I have an uncanny ability when it comes to fixing things.
7. At the end of the day, those I love I love unconditionally.
8. I like the fact that I am still limber enough to put a leg behind my neck and put my palms flat on the ground when I bend at the waist to touch the floor.
9. I love my aquiline profile – I have a great nose.
10. I highly value that which is sacred.

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