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01 to 03 of 06 152, originally uploaded by Blair Necessities.

One of my most favorite plants and my feeble attempt at something resembling macro photography.

Part of why I love the plant is based on a story I have been told of the plant/tree my great-grandmother had in her garden… and how my mother and aunt would sit in the tree with little pipes (yes, you read that right) that my great-grandmother had fashioned for them using the flower and a straw… I just love the plant, and hope to be able to plant one myself soon. I had bought a pair of them, just before being put on bed-rest and when able to walk again, I found them dead… and while worth losing them, I am still a little sad I had not taken the time to bring them in with me, to keep me company on those horribly long days… a way to bring my ancestors in to my experience, I guess.

6 thoughts on “Pomegranate

  1. Oh, my gosh. Those are just the most gorgeous plants. Are they good for year-round outside where you are? (Strong suspicion what that answer is, but just want to put it in my “must live in Arizona someday” mental file, especially while the snow piles up outside again.)


  2. Well, I took the picture on the third so I suppose that would be my answer.

    I am not sure how frost hardy they are, but there is not much snow or frost where I live (and if there is frost, it it usually known about well in advance so one can go “tuck-in” (what I call covering them) the plants at night.


  3. we have a new scent coming out called midnight pomegranate…i’ve never really smelled the plant. but our scents are usually pretty realistic. maybe you’d like it.


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