Daily Archives: Wednesday, January 3, 2007


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01 to 03 of 06 152, originally uploaded by Blair Necessities.

One of my most favorite plants and my feeble attempt at something resembling macro photography.

Part of why I love the plant is based on a story I have been told of the plant/tree my great-grandmother had in her garden… and how my mother and aunt would sit in the tree with little pipes (yes, you read that right) that my great-grandmother had fashioned for them using the flower and a straw… I just love the plant, and hope to be able to plant one myself soon. I had bought a pair of them, just before being put on bed-rest and when able to walk again, I found them dead… and while worth losing them, I am still a little sad I had not taken the time to bring them in with me, to keep me company on those horribly long days… a way to bring my ancestors in to my experience, I guess.