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Christmas ’06

We had a total of 17 over for an Austrian Christmas dinner.

Which was lovingly made by Oma und Opa.

Squink developed an unhealthy obsession with trains (one in photo is not his, be he would not give it up very easily)…

… but Squink was receptive to “teaching” moments.

And the house looked lovely up in lights…


Santa plays tag and I am "it"…

Dear Santa,

When I was really little I used to write you letters that we sent to my grandmother and who, in turn, promised to send them on to you, or if I happened to be in the USA I was able to call you and tell you what I wanted… usually after pouring over the Sears catalog. Then when I was a bit older I suddenly had to deal with Ms. Santa, which made me think that you had left your wife and made her take over the business… finally, I ended up thinking that Santa was a sexless being… which is where you have managed to remain… which is not a bad thing, really!

So, since I am a gullible sort, I managed to read this over at the whaling season… and as such I am tasked with writing you again, after a multi year lapse.
Since I, like Northern_Girl, and as directed by Rootietoot, am forbidden from asking for whirled peas or anything that even remotely sounds like that… I will go on to those things I would love to have, or really want…

Santa, I really want you to renovate my house while I am asleep. I am sure you can get your multitude of angels or is it elves and get to work on that right away.
I do love my house, but I must say that I am completely inappropriate as an owner of an older home.. I know nothing, and it shows…

I would love to get that housecleaning gene I hear some women talking about too… so, if there is one lady out there that wants to trade for my Uber lazy one… I am all game. Only if I can get mine back every once in a while of course. Know loads of folks think I am kidding when I express this desire, but Santa, I am not kidding, not at all.

I want a camera like this one, it can be anything that I can add all sorts of gadgets to, and by gadgets I means different lenses and stuff… and I want a license for creative Suite premium to go with it… on my own computer that is just used by me, with a huge hard drive and all sorts of fancy gadgets to go with it. If you made it an Apple, I would be mightily appreciative too.

Since I have asked you to renovate the house, I guess I wont need a subscription to all those magazines in my kaboodle list… but they might be nice for decorating ideas… and if you want to add one of those magazine I like Conde Nast Traveler as well as some food ones and maybe to indulge that female in me, one extra girly magazine like Vogue or Cosmo… even if I usually grumble about them for being slightly vapid… I am feeling pretty beautiful in my new slimmer body and it, in turn, is making me want to peruse these sorts of magazines… Does this require a confession Santa? I always imagined you to have immediate access to the big man, or at least the pope…

Anyway, one thing that makes my heart heavy today is the passing away of that daddy over in the NW coast area. He was my brothers age, and it just makes my chest hurt and my eyes water and a big lump of something form when I think of this and all the other children who have lost family… I am not sure what you can do here, but if you could, I think it would be great.

So Santa, in the more mundane aspects of life… I would love a toaster oven, a new sewing machine and a serger would be really cool. Ooops, I almost forgot… I really want a bicycle too! But I don’t really need any of these things, other than that thing with lost, missing or deceased parents/family members

And if there are any pseudo Santa’s (aka people who are reading your mail aka this entry), please allow themselves to consider themselves tagged.

Most sincerely,