One year later…

Prom with Squink
First let me explain my lack of “prom” attire… In-laws were in town, I was put in a situation where I had to make a choice… I left early anyway, but I had to decide, once I was able to leave, which of the following was the better choice…

  • go home to dress and show up really, really, really, really late… OR
  • go straight to the prom as is and only be really, really late…

I chose the later (obviously).
OK, better stop here.
We had fun, but I still carry some guilt over not taking the time to get dressed up. The kids have been nice about it though.
Second, think it is a rather cute first professional picture for the boy. Unfortunately, he will have to say that he went to his first prom with his mother!
* edited because I did not notice that blogger seemed to have an overwrite function going and half of what was written above was lost in the other half of what was written above. If any of you have ever used MSWord… you should know what I mean.

6 thoughts on “One year later…

  1. Hi, congratulations for your first Mom’s Day! Am so proud of you. I had to do two months bedrest for my baby and its going to be Year 18 next month! They do grow so fast. God bless, Viv


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