Daily Archives: Tuesday, May 10, 2005

With my most sincere apology….

Dear world out there,

I am writing to apologize for taking up so much bandwidth with pictures of my Squink. You see, as I travel around the virtual world reading other people’s blogs, I have become intimidated by most of you. I am so in love with my son, that I eat, live, breathe and sleep Squink… and I just can’t seem to muster the strength to put into words the random thoughts that pop into my head that may cause some out there to ponder or to weep with joy at its sheer profoundness (is that even a word?).

I love to read blogs, so many out there, and key are the ones I enjoy and have placed on my blogroll though there are more out there that I link via other peoples blogrolls and just have not taken the time to invest in adding them because it is like a ritual that I visit my favorite curmudgeon which in turn leads me to willows which leads me to the freedom fighter of Londinium… See, it is a trip and a stroll! So, please forgive me if I have not added you yet, I will, I just like to meander from one blog to the next, looking at the precious gems that are dropped into our worlds from your fingertips….

And then there is me, who is so excited about finally being a mother that all I can seem to muster the time for is pictures of my baby and pictures about things that are related to my baby… I mean… Look, I have a collection of pictures on Flickr that are devoted to body parts, his ears, eyes, belly button… or there is the phone journal where I can post pictures of him from anywhere…

So, forgive me if I force you to look at my son on a continuous basis, but I love him and I think all of you should too, because he is a happy baby, a joyful baby, he is so good, that everyone in the world needs to love him, and I invite you all to do so, but I don’t want you to feel bad, if you come here and see just another baby (to you!). Because I can’t wax poetic enough to do him justice to bring those moments of sheer delight he brings me because he manages to sleep until I wake him up, which means I have time to get his lunchbox ready, to make coffee, to read your blogs with out having to hold or feed him, though I would do so if I had to… I can’t correctly tell you about how that the first thing he usually does when he wakes up is smile at me with that laugh that would melt even a terrorists heart. Forgive me for neglecting to tell you about how he is a social baby and will smile and cuddle with anyone that holds him, but saves the best smiles and cuddles for mom. I love my little boy, and I want everyone else to too.

I promise, someday, maybe soon, maybe later, I will try to regale you with my charm and wit, to lead you to think of lovely things or to shrink in horror at the atrocities of life… but for now, I am rather happy just with Squink and Schatz and my mum and family and, for now, that is what I am about, but I do aspire to more and it will come, it is in my plan, but I want to love on this part of my life, because the Squink grows too fast and I want to enjoy this part as much as I can.

Most sincerely yours,

Blair Necessities